Okay I know we didn’t go to Hawaii, but that is the only thing i can think of for this truly amazing family vacation. Aloha means Hello and Goodbye so i think it’s very appropriate for this trip.

I honestly can’t believe that an entire week has gone by. I have actually seen Kai grow in this week, yeah OK I get to see him everyday at home but that’s different…This trip i saw what a big boy Kai is becoming. What a great personality he has developed, and what great potential lies within. His ability to adapt to the situation and surroundings, to smile and laugh at silly things his daddy does, and the fact that he just truly is amazing!

Okay I’m being biased, but he is my son and I’m allowed that indulgence!

Yesterday we went to the beach after Kai’s nap, and OMG he loved it!

We built sand castles, and just had soo much fun playing in the sand. I buried him up to his knees and he thought that was the most amazing thing ever…Kai’s favourite saying at the beach is…

“What you building daddy?” and then squashing what ever it is with his hands…I have dubbed him Distructor!…

LOL…He won’t destroy mommy’s stuff…in fact he helps mommy!

He is getting soo comfortable in the waves…I think right now it’s the initial shock of the cool water, but once you are in the water you don’t want to come out…that was the case with Kai as well…He actually said no I want to stay in the water please…but due to the fact that he had a poo i this diaper we opted to get out quickly.

BTW our new travel camera has a panoramic picture option WOW!!! soo kool…I really hope the shots turn out!

So last night the beach party was a bust…there was a huge convention award show on. It was the Travel Agents Gala, they had shut down the entire French Village, and most of the other places where at a skeletal staff. So we decided to go to the Cricketers Pub…Now here is a perfect example of how flexible Kai is…

The Cricketers Pub is an old school British Cricket Club Pub…all standard pub fare…So once we were seated, we ordered our food…we knew Kai would go for the soup so that was a no brainer, but I also ordered Chicken Wings, and a Tall Glass of Guinness Black…Kai thought it was milk, cause it foamed the top, and he was demanding that Daddy drink his milk..LOL…how CUTE!!!

Kai like a true champ dived into the chicken wings, and passed on the soup…the soup was a pea soup DELICIOUS Shim and I loved it, but Kai opted to eat the wings…GO KAI!!!!

Next for the main course we ordered a Chicken Pot Pie for Kai, a Shepard’s Pie for Shim, and Old Bangers and Mash for me…and you guessed it my little shadow decided he wanted to eat daddy’s dinner, and ate an entire sausage by himself, and tried a little bit of the peas from the chicken pot pie. Again did this while demanding i drink and finish my milk…lol…

It was getting close to his bed time at this point, and tried to make a quick stroll to the room. Unfortunately it had rained and Kai was loving the puddles…Once in our Room, Kai fell asleep fairly quickly…

This morning, we woke up to a hyper active Kai…he was laughing, and being a complete little monkey…After breakfast we told Kai that today is his last day to build sand castles and play in the ocean, and he responded by saying…

“today we go to the beach, and swim in the ocean, and then we build sand castles on the beach, and then we play in the ocean again…all together!”

Sure thing sport, we will oblige!

We played for a good hour and a half on the beach, the waves were high and the under tow was strong, but Kai like a proper little trooper went in with daddy. Again he loved it so he didn’t want to come out of the water!

Kai and mommy were being the dynamic duo, bouncing around the water singing to their little hearts content. The water was getting a little too rough for mommy to hold on to Kai so daddy and Kai chased mommy around the water, and then mommy turned the tides on us by chasing us nd catching Kai. O soo much fun was had just being silly in the water.

When he saw daddy swimming to the buoys he wanted daddy to take him too, O I wish i could have, he needs to be a little bit better swimmer for me to do that…like i need to know he can hold his head up when a wave comes and daddy doesn’t have to do it for him…specially with a strong under tow…so instead I took him to the side buoy markers…he was content and happy with that 🙂

Well this will probably be my last email from the beautiful Turks and Caicos Islands for 2012 at least! We really have to come back here when Kai is about 5 years old. I promised him I would take him scuba diving. lots of water sports he wanted to do, but alas he is too young.

Thank you all for reading these rants, I truly appreciate it.