Day 133
– 5:30 am

The first official BBQ of the season has started!. Had to get the yard cleaned and the deck washed. Took my son to Home Depot, bought a dirt cheap Power Washer, wasn’t expecting miracles but WOW!!! the damn thing did a great job!

My son was loving the POWER!!! it freaked him out at first but he got the hang of it…

Had an ok workout this morning. We all where recovering from my mom’s bday party the night before.

Good Work out!

Started Elliptical workout routine

Duration: 20 min.
Weight: 178 lbs

RPM: 76 rpm
Heart-rate: 173 bpm
Level: 11

Calories burnt: 254.7~

Orange Juice


BBQ – Short Ribs, Corn

Plan the Work, then work the plan.