Day 194 – 203
– 5:30 am

Finally a return to normality!

I hope!…LOL

The kids where home from school due a mandatory school closure. (2 weeks)
I got absolutely nothing done…LOL…
What else happened  well we had a Hindu/Muslim wedding to attend (that was 4 days felt like 4 weeks ) and then a week after had another wedding to attend!

WOW it has been totally insane!

O almost forgot, we sold our house, and the closing date is October 1st 2013, so we are now frantically looking for our new dream home. Did I miss anything?? ROFL!!!

O one more thing…I am going slightly crazy…123456 switch!

GREAT WORKOUTS and not so Great workouts!

Started Elliptical workout routine

Duration: 20 min.
Weight: 175 lbs

RPM: 77, 74, 74, 73, 73, 74, 74, 73 rpm
Heart-rate: 173 bpm
Level: 12

Calories burnt: 264.5, 257.9, 256.5, 255.5, 257.0, 257.3, 257.3, 256.6




Plan the Work, then work the plan.