Day 204
– 5:30 am

Back to being able to workout!

what a wonderful thing!

I’m seriously thinking of doing this workout thing every other day cause right now, with all the insanity that is my life is taking it’s toll on my sleep and my abilities.

Last night I went skateboarding with my son. WOW how fun was that 🙂
I haven’t been on a skateboard since high school! I am able to balance, and stay on the board, now that is a good thing. Also i can turn right…having a little trouble turning left though…meh who needs to turn left, just keep turning right and eventually i will get to the direction i want to go LOL


Started Elliptical workout routine

Duration: 20 min.
Weight: 175 lbs

RPM: 74 rpm
Heart-rate: 173 bpm
Level: 12

Calories burnt: 259.6~

Orange Juice


BBQ pork chops, and BBQ chicken, with Veggies

Plan the Work, then work the plan.