Day 368
– 8:30 am

WOW it’s been almost forever since i have posted here.

Lets see, what’s happened since my last post in August.

  • House Sold. (Closing date was Oct 15)
  • Bought a house (Closing date Oct 15)
  • Packed the old house.
  • Moved to new house.
  • Settling in (still) Boxes everywhere! LOL
  • Get the kids back on a routine
  • Had an awesome Halloween
  • Got to know the neighbours, and neighbourhood
  • Had the amazing Ice Storm that basically halted the city for about 4 days (well at least our lives)
  • Christmas
  • New Years
  • Birthday!
An in all this insanity I was able to keep the weight at 172lbs, I was able to drop down to 168 during the ice storm, that was credited to stress, and keeping the kids entertained.

So all in all I was able to keep my goal from last year. started at 207 and now am at 172
However according to the BMI i am still overweight for my height. So I need to now loose 5 – 10lbs by the summer!

Hear we go again!


Here are some images to keep you entertained
View out the Front Balcony

Ice Build Up on the Fence Posts

Ice Damage

The Beauty and the Danger

The Beauty and the Danger

View from my Sister’s in Richmond Hill

OOOO Scarry Halloween at the new house

Plan the Work, then work the plan.