Kai being his wonderful self. Was a delight on the flight the Captains allowed us to take a picture of him in the cockpit, so the flight was off to a great start!

Kai had no problems during the take off and landings he is such a little trooper. Even once we arrived here at TCI he was so excited to go to the beach. He helped me get the luggage from the carousel (thanks to Nanima’s book about busy air ports)

The day we landed instead of going straight to the beach we went to the French Village pool WOW the water was soo warm it was great! Kai had some fun with that. We went for pizza for a snack and had some dinner at the main lobby Resteraunt

Yesterday we started the day off with breakfast (Kai is loving the fruits here) and then we tackled the beach…WOW the water is soo clear, you can see all the way to the sand, and there are no sea weeds to step on and make the journey in “yukky”.¬†

The morning water is soo calm Kai enjoyed his stay in the water. After lunch and a quick 2hr nap we decided to the try the beach again but the waves had started and Kai got scared. So instead we hit the pool…again we were in the the pool for a at least 3 hrs or so. Oh and it rained a little while we were in the pool…Kai had no clue it was raining he was just loving the water!

Dinner time was amazing went to a little Italian Resteraunt Kai had soup and lasagna. The food for an all inclusive resort is actually really good!

Now the sad part..Daddy had to work while on vacation, but hey that’s what is paying for this internet access so we are ok with it…lol

Today has been really fun, again after breakfast we hit the beach, Kai was a little scared at first today (probably due to the fact that yesterday the waves where there in the afternoon and he was a little scared)

He is now taking a nap and we hope to hit the pool again.

OBTW he has a TAN…sooo CUTE!!!

And it seems to be raining at night here, but in the morning it’s beautiful blue skies and hot SUN…kinda like in Sri Lanka but no humidity!! its just perfect!

Seriously would recommend this resort and island for any one!!!